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What is Black Horse Run?

Black Horse Run is a local horse farm encompassing 45 acres of scenic pastures, woodlands, and fields. We generally keep between 20 and 30 horses, many of which were born, raised, and trained on the farm. We work with a variety of breeds. Jerry Cooper, owner and operator, envisions Black Horse Run as more than just a business. “It is a ministry,” he states. “God has blessed me with this property and these horses and I want to share them with others who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy them everyday.” Our desire is that Black Horse Run will provide a place where you can ride, relax, and remember what life is really about.

Why Black Horse Run?

In 1981, Jerry Cooper bought 45 acres of property in rural Fountain Inn. The following spring he had purchased a new horse – a feisty black, 4 year old mare named Roxie’s Shady Lady. This mare had such an impact on Jerry’s life that he named the farm Black Horse Run in her honor. Roxie was a registered Tennessee Walking Horse descendant from the original Allen bloodlines and her breeding showed. Nicknamed “Rocking Chair Rox” for her exceptionally smooth gait, she blended qualities of spirit and dependability. She’d back all the way across the road to kick another horse, Jerry remembers. “Put a child on her and she’d be just as mellow as she could be.” “All six of my kids learned to ride on her.” Roxie also exhibited seemingly endless energy. Even after riding 50 miles for 15 hours in the Appalachian Mountains, Roxie showed no signs of tiring. By the next day, she was ready for more.

She was one of those rare horses that becomes a partner, Jerry notes. “Thinking of her, I can understand how in days gone by, a man and his horse becomes as one.” “She was like a member of the family.” Roxie stayed with the family for 22 years before her death in 2004.

Three generations at Black Horse Run:

Roxie Shady Lady at peace in her final days

Little Roxie with my granddaughters

Princess (3rd gen) who is still part of the family